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Our Devices

Mobile device

  • Pre-sale available now!
  • The Ingenico DX8000-5 is Australia’s leading Android 10 smart terminal
  • Best-in-market digital payments experience
  • All-in-one payment solution
  • 6″ full HD touchscreen display
  • 4G Mobile & Wifi communications
  • Long life Li-ion battery

Integrated device

  • Lightweight point-of-sale (POS) integrated device
  • Rapid connection via Connectivity+, Wi-Fi or fixed line internet
  • Integrates with over 400 POS systems
  • Lightweight with a modern and purposeful design
  • Tamper-resistant construction
  • Lightning-fast tap, insert and swipe transactions
  • Accepts 12 major card types

Virtual terminal

  • Online card payment processing
  • Accepts payments via a secure webpage on desktop, mobile or tablet
  • Entirely digital with no additional hardware or software requirements
  • Full card and data security
  • Quickly process payments without a card being present
  • Accepts 12 major card types


  • Online payments through your website
  • Securely validates customer card details
  • Streamlined payment routing and acceptance
  • Simple set up and free of charge
  • Portal access for a consolidated view of all transactions
  • Accept all major card types including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

  • Please select the device/s that are most suited to your business