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Getting started

Documents to have ready

  1. General business information including your Australian Business Number (ABN).
  2. Director(s) details and identification.
  3. Locate your American Express Merchant ID number, this number will start with 979 or 803 and then 7 more digits and can be located on your American Express statement.
  4. Bank Account Proof: Live group utilises illion for digital bank account verification. We can also accept a PDF of the front page of your business’ bank statement.
  5. Trust deed information (if applicable).

How it works

Our easy application form only takes 5-6 minutes to complete.

Help us get to know your business and your payment device requirements.

  1. You must submit one application for each legal entity.
  2. In each application you may apply for more than one store (under the same legal entity).
  3. Get your ID verified and checked online.
  4. Provide us with your business bank statements using the online platform that securely shares your data with us directly.

Next steps

  1. Complete the application form and provide all relevant documents.
  2. Live group will contact you after you submit the application with any clarifying questions.
  3. You will be contacted by Verifone Managed Service to schedule an appropriate time and date for installation roll out.

CSA Terms and Conditions
By taking up the Live group offer, CSA members agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. CSA members agree to pay CSA the following CSA Strategic Merchant Rate Access Fees (which will be invoiced directly by CSA):
• One-off sign-on fee of $350 per store to for recovery of consultancy and legal costs of tender.
• Annual fee of $350 per store to cover the compulsory Mastercard program fee.
• The default CSA mandated routing is for eligible multi-network Visa debit and prepaid transactions to be routed to eftpos, and for eligible multi-network Mastercard debit and prepaid transactions to be routed to Mastercard. This is necessary to meet the requirements of the eftpos and Mastercard strategic merchant rate agreements. To achieve better fee savings outcomes for both the member and in aggregate for all CSA members, in a few circumstances, CSA may mandate eligible multi-network Mastercard debit and prepaid transactions be routed to eftpos. In such cases, this alternate routing will be noted on the Merchant Fee Savings Report, and an annual surcharge fee of $2,150 per store will applied. The surcharge fee covers additional costs that may be incurred by CSA in the event of not meeting all conditions of the eftpos and Mastercard agreements. In all such instances, the member will receive higher fee savings with the alternate routing and annual surcharge fee applied, than with the default routing and no annual surcharge fee. This fee may be waived in part or in full at CSA’s discretion.

2. CSA members agree to sign up all their stores that are current CSA Member stores.

3. CSA members will accept eftpos and Mastercard debit, prepaid and credit cards at all outlets.

4. CSA members agree not to apply any surcharge or other form of transaction fee for use of eftpos or Mastercard debit, prepaid or credit cards and ensure all staff are well informed and trained.

5. CSA members will display any payment methods or payment networks branding with equal prominence as each other at all point of sale and terminal displays / screens (in store or through any other communication channel).

6. CSA members agree to invite eftpos and Mastercard to participate equally and with equal prominence, in any promotional activities regarding payment methods or payment networks.